Terms and Condition

Pragmatize is a youth development program developed by Lildrops Initiative, to empower youths and young adult who are socially minded and aesthetically oriented. Lildrops Initiative is a subsidiary of DeSurge Place Nigeria, dully registered with C.A.C to operate in Nigeria. Project Pragmatize is a social influence augmentation, developed to train and coach young people in areas of fashion, personality presentation, career positioning, and resource management.

By signing up with project pragmatize, you; otherwise know as the “Pragmatist” have agreed to be subjected to the rules and regulations of “Lildrops Initiative”, “DeSurge Place Nigeria”, “Pragmatize”, and related partners networks, which may include individuals, private or corporate organizations. In the cause of project Pragmatize, Lildrops will train, and mentor you in line with Lildrops Direct Teaching Technique (LDTT), this will ensure a direct impact on expected goals and objectives.

Lildrops Initiative will ensure a strict adherence to discipline and cooperation from you, considering this a major factor in the success of project pragmatize. You are expected to cooperate with your mentors, and instructors at all time, any grievance should be reported immediately to the most senior officer available, no one is allowed to take the laws into their own hands, no matter the circumstance.

Punctuality is highly valued at Lildrops, you are expected to be available at every event, or training that requires your presence. failure to abide by this rules and any other rules, both written or unwritten may result in the immediate severance of your relationship with Lildrops and all its subsidiaries and affiliates.
To be continued…

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